The reACT Trainer is the most time efficient lower body strength and toning system available, since it provides a no impact eccentric loading, which rapidly fatigues all the muscles in the lower body, resulting in increased muscle. The reACT training system is a result of 8 years of extensive field testing with professional sports and fitness experts. Utilizing non-impact anaerobic exercise provides profound results in rapid strength gain, increased muscle mass, improved balance, core strength and stability

Proven benefits of reACT include:

  • Rapid increases in muscle mass, strength and power compared to other training methods.
  • Improved balance, coordination and kinesthetic awareness.
  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Injury prevention by improving the muscles ability to absorb force
  • reACT users quickly improve because the body rapidly adapts to this no-impact form of eccentric training so members quickly see and feel a difference within two weeks of use for 10 minutes once or twice per week!


reACT provides the perfect exercise for senior populations. It is the ideal tool for preventing and reversing loss of muscle, bone, strength, balance and stability. The reACT training system is non-impact, so it’s easy on aging and injured joints. Because of its extremely low platform height, sturdy handgrips and complete control of platform speed, the reACT trainer can be used safely, and it rapidly helps balance, stability, and strength, and it lowers the risk of falling. reACT produces a much lower level of cardiovascular overload and stress compared to other forms of training, allowing more muscular work with less heart stress while safely building muscle mass, stability and balance.

Research has shown that one weekly half-hour bout of Eccentric training done for 8 weeks produced the following health benefits:

  • A significant increase in resting energy expenditure (higher calorie burn at rest)
  • A significant increase in fat utilization at rest (fat burning)
  • A significant improvement in blood lipid profiles (Levels of cholesterol and other blood fats)
  • Decreased insulin resistance (related to Adult Onset Diabetes)
  • Common concerns for gym users are weight loss, toning and lack of time. Members want the most time efficient programs possible to attain their goals. Many members would never associate exercise with being ‘fun’. Not only do reACT users experience rapid improvements in strength, power and muscular endurance but with proper guidance from a trainer, many users find sessions to be engaging, challenging and far from boring. Since reACT is easy to learn yet hard to fully master there are endless progressions possible.


  • Eccentric training and reACT are proven to be highly effective tools for preventing injuries and rehabilitation.
  • Early Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Patella Tendon Rehab
  • Joint Conditions
  • Minimal Impact Plyometric Training
  • Minimal Impact Rehab
  • Treatment and prevention of ACL tears and tendonitis