At Michigan Health Centers, we don’t believe in specializing in just one medical discipline. The human body is awesomely complicated and totally interconnected. Pain in one location of the body can spread out in waves, affecting other parts. It’s important to understand not only where the pain comes from, but why it’s occurring and what the best long-term treatment method is.

First, we provide chiropractic care. Your spine and spinal cord are the control center of the rest of your body. By managing chronic back pain, you’ll not only live in greater comfort, but you’ll have a wider range of movement and be able to return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

We also specialize in physical therapy. If you’ve been in an accident, had an athletic injury or gotten hurt at work, we’ll get you back up and moving. We use cutting edge treatment methods, like an unweighting system on our treadmill. This helps to increase the healing times for feet, knee and hip injuries, as well as boosting recovery times for patients that have had knee and hip replacements.

Along with that, we offer the revolutionary weight loss systems Ultraslim and ChiroThin. Sometimes eating right and exercise isn’t quite enough, and you need a little extra help. That’s where we come in.

With 14 years of experience, the job of Mark Bailey and his highly trained and skillful team is to be your one stop health clinic. When it comes to client satisfaction, we provide service beyond belief and help you regain the life you always wanted.