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Dr. Mark Bailey DC,RN / Owner / Clinic Director

Dr. Bailey is our experienced Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Registered Nurse and has been in practice since 2002.  Dr Bailey’s vision of his clinic has continued to evolve over time from a pure chiropractic office to a Wellness Center offering his patients many alternatives for pain relief as well as overall health and wellness.  With his partnership with Dr Joseph, Dr Bailey is continuing to merge alternative and traditional medicine in order to customize care for each patient.   “What I love about this clinic is that whether the patient comes in for pain relief or is interested in many of our medical services from anti-aging to medical weight loss, Michigan Health Centers has a multitude of options to offer.”


James Joseph DO / Medical Director

Dr Joseph is the Medical Director at Michigan Health Centers.  Dr Joseph graduated from MSU in 2002 with a specialty in family medicine and brings his 15 years of experience to Michigan Health Centers.  Dr Joseph’s true passion is in the cutting edge fields of Regenerative , Functional,  Anti-Aging and Aesthetic medicine.  Dr Joseph’s expertise in these fields is helping to shape Michigan Health Centers into a one of kind wellness center.  Dr Joseph has helped hundreds of patients avoid possible surgery with his advanced techniques.


Eric Kreckman PA-C

Eric Kreckman received his master from Central Michigan University in 2012 and has been practicing primary care medicine since.  Mr Kreckman PA-C is also a certified injectionist, a skill set that comes in handy when dealing with acute and chronic pain issues.  Eric is excited to be part of such a progressive integrated healthcare clinic.


Jack Gilbert PT / Physical Therapy Director

As the director of physcial therapy, Jack Gilbert oversees the physical therapy department at Michigan Health Centers with over 25+ years of experience.  Mr. Gilbert PT has been practicing in a variety of facility settings over the years – including hospitals, outpatient facilities and home care. Because of this, he has successfully treated a wide range of injuries.  Jack puts his patients’ care above all else, and is extremely excited to be part of such an innovative facility. His thirst for knowledge and passion for the well-being of his patients is second to none, and he is constantly learning new techniques to increase her patients’ outcomes.




At Michigan Health Centers, we’re all about treating back pain. We can also help to enhance a healthy and active lifestyle through adjustments and other treatments.

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With 13 years of on the job experience, we’re passionate when it comes to treating chronic pain, injuries and assisting with weight loss. Michigan Health Centers is able to offer something unique to our clients.

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At Michigan Health Centers your health is our top priority. Our expert staff if highly trained to handle your most severe needs. Don't let your health wait any longer! Contact us today!

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